Downloading to R, S, and T Processors on MARK VI


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Dear All;

Please, can you tell me how i can proceed to runtime download to all 3 processors R S T in MARK VI.

Kind of looks like you have very little experience of MKVI. I honestly think that you should seek some help before attempting to download software.

Please explain a bit more what you are trying to do and why!
If by "runtime download" you mean that you want to download revised control software while operating the turbine, the answer is that you really should not do this. While you can take 1 of the 3 processors off line and download to it and then put it back on line, you will be unable to repeat the process with the 2nd processor. You will get some voting mismatch diagnostic alarms when you put the modified processor back on line. When you take the next processor off line, the 2 remaining processors would have different software and would very likely cause a trip. There may be something in the Mark VI that will prohibit you from doing this - if there isn't there should be.


Dear Sir;

Thank you for your response.

I have a good experience in MARK V, VIe, but in MARK VI I started working with it only for 4 months.

Anyway, we have problem in MARK VI TMR, R in control mode but S and T in Failed mode. with alarms Error 75 Application Code Error and Error 92 Data animalization failure.

Than I have proceeded to download, than application code and configuration, but the problem not solved.

If you have any help, please send to me.

Dear Sir,

So, just to be clear--it seems your problem is not how to download, but the fact that you (mistakenly) believe that a download is required to solve the problem which you are attempting to solve. "Just downloading" to any Speedtronic turbine control panel as an attempt to solve a particular problem can, and quite often does, lead to bigger problems.

A colleague recently related a story to me about a Mark VI which had to be completely powered down (in an orderly fashion, one processor at a time, with the unit not running, and not On Cooldown). In other words, all three control processors, including the <P> core protective processors, had to be de-energized (again, in an orderly fashion--not just by opening the 125 VDC breaker supplying the panel) and then power applied one at a time, waiting for the cards in each processor (including the related VPRO) to all synch up with each other before applying power to the next processor (and its related VPRO). It reportedly took a LONG time for all three processors to synch up with each other and for them to enable their outputs, as much as 20 minutes, but no cards were exchanged during this process. MANY downloads were attempted (one processor at a time) with individual processor re-boots unsuccessfully, with no luck, until finally it was decided to go through the necessary steps of opening auxiliary motor breakers and then powering down every processor and protective processor all together. Again, it didn't look promising for a few minutes as it seemed to take longer than "usual" for all the processors and protective processors to synch up and for <R> to become the designated processor, but that's what it took to resolve the problem.

Again, downloading to any version of Speedtronic turbine control panel should ONLY be done when necessary, and not just as a "course of action" when it's not known what else to try. (You haven't provided enough information for us to be able to say what prompted your decision to download, but it's well-known that in addition to changing servos and "calibrating valves" when a trip occurs that a common practice is to just start downloading to fix a "mysterious" or intermittent problem--so this is just a safe presumption on our part, given your admission of unfamiliarity with Mark VI.)

You may be wondering if you performed the downloads properly and that was the reason for your original post--but if you would provide some details of the circumstances that led to the decision to download we might have been able to provide some more concise help and guidance.

(I've never heard of "...Data animalization..." Could you have meant "Data initialization"? Sorry; I don't have access to a Mark VI System Guide at this writing--where there is much better help and instructions for Diagnostic Alarms than previous versions of Speedtronic turbine control systems.)

Please write back to let us know how you fare!