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Hello, I need the program DOX10 for my project, where can i find this software or have somebody this program please e-mail me this. thanks!!
Hello mr. Kok. Unfortunately I don't have the software for you. I was also searching for the DOX10 software and very surprised to find your message at this site. But my journey goes on, i'll try further on, surf more places and then, maybe at last, I will find what we are looking for. Geintje!! Groetjes, Bart
He, Ing. B.Spelt Are your also looking for the dox10 PLC program? What kind of project do you have? can I help you??
Dox 10 is programming software from Alfa Laval for their higher end range of processors. Alfa Laval were consumed by ABB a couple of years ago so its worth trying a search on both of these. I did have a copy but unfortunately it is now lost :(, you might get away with Dox 5 also.... Graeme Naisbitt Managing Director System Data Logic Ltd