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I'm a student doing a project on networking between motor control drives and the PC. I have a setup consisting of a UNIDrive motor by Control Techniques and a UD70 module.

I would like to know how can i read the encoder readings from the UD70 via the RS485 port using the PC. Can it be done via DPL or do i require any PC cards? If DPL is sufficient, can anyone show a brief example of how the code can be written?

Thanks for you help!

I have commissioned unidrive's with UD74's several times, and I was asked to monitor some variables etc.

you can monitor (and log) the encoder value with "DPL toolkit" using RS232. encoder value is mapped to a parameter (which you can find out from manual of the drive. in my case it was something like p16.16) there's a RS232 port on UD7x module, connect using a conventional 9-pin cable:
pin 2-to-2

When you run dpl toolkit, a message appears telling that an UD module is detected, with the name of the firmware running on it, and tries to find the source code of firmware. Ignore this message (cancel) and open the "watch window"
press ctrl-m (insert meter) and enter the number of the parameter you want, preceeded by a "#". for example, to monitor parameter 0.10, write: #0.10 and press return. the desired value is immediately displayed on the screen.

you can use the logger to log the parameters you included, to a text file, which can later processed by a spreadsheet program.

hope this helps.
This is known as a Zombie thread, rising from the dead. The original question was asked in 2004 and answered in 2005 and now you re-open it in 2020, a testament to the power of search engines.

You might luck out and someone reading this will have 15 year old software and some experience, and I do hope that’s the case, but you might adjust your expectations given the time frame.