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If you picked up a drawing and saw drawing number 101 SHEET 3 of 21, wouldn't you expect there would be 20 other sheets with the same drawing number? Wouldn't you go looking for drawing 101 Sheet 1 and 2?
I have a vendor submitting drawings where the drawing number changes but they used one big X of Y sheet number. For example, the first drawing is number 100 sheet 1 of 21. The next drawing number is 100 sheet 2 of 21. Then the drawing number changes to 101 sheet 3 of 21, followed by 102 sheet 4 of 21. Etc....

I don't know why this bothers me so much but it does. Is there a standard out there somewhere for something so simple like this? I looked through the ISA drawing books but didn't see anything this ...basic.

I'd be bothered if any drawing numbers are as inconsistent as described.

Every company I've worked with or for over the years has had different methods and the reasons for them. If it appears wrong, I'd ask why it is like it is.
> If it appears wrong, I'd ask why it is like it is.

Thanks. I did ask, and I got my favorite reply: "We have always done it that way".