Driver development for PcVue with Visual C++


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I have a project to develop a driver with Visual C++. The project's details are as below:

A driver residing in a PC which gets message via RS232 and trigger different bits variables in PcVue. The message are strings like “ yyyy:mm:dd hh:mm:ss Terminal Name Error Message”. My driver needs to set the specific bit variable upon receiving the strings from RS232. The communication doesn’t involve any PLC and it’s just a pure serial communication to a device which sends the message. My questions are:

How can I match the data strings to the specific bit in the PcVue? How can I program this extra function into my DLL with Visual C++? Or do I need to create a separate program which does this function of sending a specific bit to variable in PcVue based on message I receive?

Thanks. Hope to receive your response.