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O. Moret

Can anyone provide any information (detailed or background) on a SINEC L1 (S5-100U/CPU103) direct point to point connection to a WINDOWS NT platform
and Intouch 7.0 SCADA.

Specifically, I am looking for a driver. I have contacted the manufacturer, only the driver used in the past can not be used any more. Wonderware ( the manufacturer ) does not support the SINEC L1 anymore. I have found on the internet only Multidrop solutions with wrong CPU versions. I am searching for a Point to point connection with a S5-100U, CPU 103

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Mark L. Hensley

Hello Onno

Is the PLC to far from the NT box to use a programming port driver(AS511)? If not there are a number of AS511 drivers out there that support the 103.

Mark Hensley
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Hello Mark,

No . The distance between Pc and PLC is 2 meter.

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Onno Moret

Imtech Projects West
Control Systems

tel :010-4477228
fax :010-4477210