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Dear Discusion group members/friends
I am student doing project on MODBUS PLUS. In my project I need driver of SA85-002 ISA card for WIN NT.

Please help me in this regard.Urgent and Humble request

waiting for postive response.

Bob Peterson

All such drivers are available for download form the modicon website.

However, I am not all that sure that the ISA card will work in an NT system. I think you have to use the PCI version, but I might be wrong.

Bob Peterson
Hi Asim,
WinNT MB+ drivers are paid for and one needs to buy them. If it helps you for your student project you can use card on Win 95 with DOS driver.

Hi Haris , I tried to use the Dos driver for the same card in win 98. I have done the following:
1.copy the driver "MBPHOST.SYS" in C:\
2.Modify the config.sys file according to the instruction given in the dos driver manual.

but it is not working in win.(although the card is working in DOS operating system)

Please guide me that do I need any configuartion setting in other files or in registry.
Dear Friend ,

I tried to find out the required driver from modicon website. but it is not available at that site.
It is only available at cyberlogics website but not free.

Jeffrey Smith

All versions of Windows based MB+ drivers are licensed by and sold by Schneider Automation. To
*send* someone a copy is illegal.

Jeffrey Smith
Cyberlogic Technologies, Inc.