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Vivanco Fernando

Does anyone work with PLC's (PCL-5/30) Allen Bradley in network DH+ for LabVIEW? We need to renew a system with a network of PLC's Allen
Bradley, nowadays we have an interface DH+ to communicate with plc network, we want to use the same net but the HMI implemented in LabVIEW

In the NI site I could not find somthing about Allen Bradley drivers for LabVIEW, I hope someone can help me.


F. Vivanco

LabVIEW-DSC is an OPC Client and can talk to any OPC Server. 'DSC' is the Datalogging and Supervisory Control add-on module which has all the HMI features. You will need this in addition to LabVIEW.

There are two ways you can communicate with AB PLCs from LabVIEW-DSC.

1. NI has a suite of OPC Servers for many popular PLCs and other devices. This is called the 'Lookout Protocol Drivers.' This suite has a driver for AB PLCs as well. You can check with NI's tech support if they specifically support your PLC. More info' on that on this page:
2. Use AB's (Rockwell Software's) AB-RSLinx as an OPC Server. It should support all the AB PLCs. You'll require the OEM version of it (not the 'lite').

Once you decide on what OPC Server suits you best, it's pretty easy to browse the Server from LabVIEW-DSC and create Tags for reading and writing.

Hope this helps.


We have a series of Active -x controls as well as OPC servers for all major plc brands, and plc networks as well. I wouldn't use LabVIEW to run
any system, it has a ton of overhead, and does not process threads as well as VB, or Visual C++, so to create a more scalable package stay away from LabVIEW, there are not too many other software packages or platforms, that allow vi's to run in them, so look to the future, when choosing.