Drivers for Siemens 530 PLC for use with LabVIEW


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We want to read information from (and, in the future, write to) a Siemens 530 PLC with LabVIEW through a serial port. NI offers Lookout, which runs on Windows, but we would rather use a Linux-based driver software to communicate with the PLC and something less expensive. Of course, we could use Windows, but we still would like a less-expensive LabVIEW based program, but a legit program as well. I've searched the web, and have found few alternatives, or few that we know come from a reliable source. Can anyone offer any recommendations?
Just my two cents, it looks like you don't want to spend too much, so how about looking at a ActiveX. If you know anything about VB or VBA, then you can get an ActiveX from Software Toolbox. This buy a license for one(1) development and unlimited users.

That means you can create simple applation one machine and view and control from unlimited # of machines. Also you can pull this stuff directly into Execl or word through the same ActiveX. As for the Linux system, how knows maybe they have since done one for that.