Drivers for Siemens S7-200 PLC


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Wang Fuli

Hello, everyone!
I'm an user of PLC for some years,but I have never communicated to an PLC(from Siemens).Could someone please tell me where to get the drivers to communicate to an PLC (e.g.Siemens S7-200)?

Luigi Faccio

if your need is to interface with Visual Basic or similar Microsoft environment, you could try or They sell a communication OCX for this purpose. If you instead want to try by yourself to write a communication program, you can point to, that give you some (unofficial) informations about Siemens protocol. Sorry for not having answered your personal mail to me, at this stage i cannot read chinese without my girlfriend help :)
hope this will be helpful to you. Wish you a good work
Luigi Faccio
The S7-200 series supports a few types of communications. MPI, FREE Link (or something like that) and PROFIBUS. Of course it depends on what you are trying to communicate from.

Profibus is getting to be quite a standard. It will allow data, bit-status, and messaging.


Danijel Vidoviè

Hallo ! With STEP 7 MicroWIN 32 software you will be able to configure all types of communications with S7-200. Best regards, Danijel