Drivers protocols to TI-505

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Cuitlahuac Picasso

Hi list.

May you help me about how many drivers can be supported by the PLC TI-505 with link any HMI platform software, for example Wonderware, Win CC,
intellution, real Flex.

The communications card do i have are tiway 505-7340 and 505 7354 peerlink cards.

Thanks in advanced

C Picasso

Gilles Allard

the 7340 is a NIM network interface for TiWay network technology. The 7354 is a PeerLink module used for real-time communication
between PLCs.

The Tiway technology is outdated but drivers still exist. You will need a host adapter on the PC side. The PeerLink drivers do not exists on PC side. So forget about your actual communication cards.

There are 4 other communication solutions. The first two use serial communication (RS232 or RS422) with the serial ports on the CPU or RBCs. No communication modules are necessary. The
protocols are NITP and TBP are are available from many HMI suppliers.

The other two solutions use Ethernet and each require a different communication module on the PLC side. They are:
H1 Industrial Ethernet from Siemens
CP2572 TCP-IP interface from Siemens or Control Technology.

I personally prefer the latter.


Steve Snodgrass

The Simatic TI-505 has 3 network options:
Tiway, Ethernet and H1 Ethernet.

The 505-7340 card has 2 25 pin ports that are RS232 this was intended to allow Tiway to go over a modem (very slow! max baud rate about 19.2kb) the 505-7339 has the smaller 9 pin ports which are similar toRS-485 and can talk Tiway at 187.5kb over "miles" of cable length. Wonderware InTouch has a driver for the Tiway adapter card (fits in the PC) WinCC does not. yet.

The 505-cp2572 uses standard tcp/ip protocol from a standard 3-com ethernet card. Both Wonderware and WinCC have drivers for this. This is the easiest and lowest cost way to go.

The 505-H1Nim (don't know part #) Uses Siemens H1 proprietary ethernet and requires a cp1413 or cp1613 H1 card installed in the host PC. Both Wonderware and WinCC have drivers for this.

You also have the direct serial input (RS-232)
Both Wonderware and WinCC have drivers for this.
This is point to point interfacing but only requires a null modem cable and a PC Comm port.

There is also a Modbus RTU NIM for the 505


Raymond van der Tas

I would recommend you to use an OPC Server as the one and only "driver" to your TI. If required you could have a second OPC Server for redundancy purposes talking to the same TI device.

The advantage of this is that you can have simultaneous access of multiple OPC Clients (GENESIS32, WW, Intellution...) connected to the single OPC Server.

The OPC Server will aggregate the requests for data and optimize the communications to your TI.

Raymond van der Tas

Ranjan Acharya

Most manufacturers have a section on their web sites listing the latest I/O drivers. I would recommend you go there or do a web search. We have done a lot of work with TI505, but in recent years almost everything has been with CTI's 2572 TCP/IP Ethernet adapter. KEPWare and Matrikon both have OPC drivers for the Ethernet card (KEP have serial too; I am not sure about Matrikon).

The card is due to come down in price at the end of 2001 and a new version the 2572-A is about to be released. As far as I know the new version does 100 Mbps (front end, still limited by backplane / RIO speeds / task codes on the back end), caches data and has a completely new CPU as well as all of the features of the 2572.

If I remember correctly, PeerLink I had that crazy 16 word limit, so it is difficult to use.

I have not had much use for PeerLink since TISTAR; check with the OEM web sites or just do a search on the web.


Michael Dannhardt

I would agree with the CP2572 being a preferred choice. We sell aCP2572 TCP-IP driver for the FactoryLink HMI package and have many users that have systems using the CTI card without any problems and great reliability.



Since Tiway has a Master Slave network topology you would need two separate Tiway networks (and two NIM cards in the controller) to create a Redundant Network solution, also with use of OPC



The statement about WinCC is wrong, for more then 2 years WinCC has an excellent OPC server solution for Tiway, you can buy it as a bundle
The Tistar Macro's have been implemented in this OPC server, your guarantee for the highest efficiency on communicating over Tiway