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Hullsiek, William

Was wondering if anyone knows of a SNMP to OPC gateway, so I can display network management points on iFIX ??

I am also looking at polling points from:
Casi-Rusco security system
Novar HVAC system

William F. Hullsiek
Software Engineer
Really interesting Bill should ask this - just this morning I and 5 app engineers where discussing this and I said I'd ask the a-list.

Just to expand on his request, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is what your net managers hopefully use to monitor your routers, hubs - maybe even the health of a UPS etc. SNMP even can generate alarms if devices fail, buffers fill, or if a UPS kicks in (if it has SNMP support).

An OPC server which could poll by SNMP & trap SNMP alarms would allow the HMI to log such events or show graphics on net status. SNMP "users" of course have their own tools to see/log SNMP, but if the industrial floor people are expected to support the network on the floor, putting this into HMI makes more sense.

I am also interested in answers to this.

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Fred Chwalek

Try Opto22. I heard they have an ethernet brain that will do SNMP, and they have an OPC server., Ethernet I/O presales engineering
support should be able to help you.

Patrick Cross

Citect has an SNMP driver that we use to monitor the health of our control system network (120 dual-homed PC's, 80 Cisco switches & 86 Allen-Bradley ethernet PLC5's). A tag can be configured for any (I think) SNMP message block in the same
manner as any other tag in the control system.
We use these SNMP tags to animate graphics and trigger alarms (which are logged and also sent to the System Administrators' mobile phone). We had planned to monitor our UPS's with SNMP, but this feature was sacrificed to the budget god.

Citect is also an OPC server.


Patrick Cross
Control Systems Engineer
WMC - Olympic Dam
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Steve O'Donnell


I'm new to the list and hope this is not out of line.

However, as a possible solution, we, OSI Software, provide a Process Management System (the PI System) which can interface to SNMP devices, OPC servers, and iFIX MMI's, plus others.

It would either display the data itself, if required, or feed it back to the MMI.

Our site is

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Robert Raesemann

I've had this idea myself. I've never been able to find an OPC server for SNMP but there are some ActiveX controls on the market that will capture
traps and poll SNMP MIB objects. I haven't done this myself but if your HMI supports VB scripting or ActiveX objects then this might be a way to do what you need, although the OPC solution would be pretty elegant.

Here is one SNMP ActiveX control that I found in a quick search.

If there is enough interest generated in this, it might be worthwhile to take the control and give it an OPC wrapper.

Robert Raesemann
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Stephen Woram

We are currently developing the product you asked about. Please reply with which SNMP enabled device you are interested in communicating with, and I can let you know if this is currently in the planned release...

Stephen Woram

We are releasing Beta software to a few customers the first of next week. We have a planned full release in early November.
Do you have a specific application you need help with ?
The product will include a Network data viewer, and predefined tag databases for popular SNMP devices( Switches, UPS, etc.).

Klaus Obermeier

We have developed a SNMP-OPC gateway. This OPC-Server is able to receive SNMP Traps and to bring them into the OPC world. The configuration of the server can be done remote and online with an ActiveX Control which we also ship with the server. You can download a 30 days evaluation version from our homepage ( I attach the online documentation to this email.

Kind regards
Klaus Obermeier

Stephen Woram

Follow the link below to our website, where you can download IndustrialSNMP. The web version can be run in eval mode, which supports only one network device, and will shut down after two hours. This should give you sufficient time to test...