Drives DC SIMOREG -- Who knows about it?


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I´m new to SIMOREG dc drives and need to contact via e-mail some people with experience. The equipment arrives next week and i'm studying very hard the Instruction Manual, but I know there will be problems.


Gabriele Corrieri

Which series of DC-Simoreg have to use? I think that you use the new series (6RA70...) and not the old series (6RA23) I have placed in the last year most of this in analog control mode, but I not know anything when you use the CBP for Profibus. Explain me which is your problem.
Contact me directly, if you want.
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Gabriele Corrieri

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Ranjan Kumar Rana

Dear Sir,
We are the Authorised Service Centre of SIEMENS.
we had recently commissioned a SIMOREG6RA70. You can contact Mr.S.Sadhukhan ([email protected]) for SIMOREG6RA70 drive.
and for older SIMOREG Drives you can contact Mr. Sankar Goswami([email protected]0

We have SIMOREG DC DRIVE for 300 HP 500 VDC motor (50-1200 RPM with acceleration/deccelaration and compensation) model A1-106-008-003 which right now has a complicated problem : uncontrolled/inconsistent speed drive mainly after 2 hours continuoesly running. This Simoreg controll by old computer (AT model) through Daytronic card. We have tried to calibrate daytronic (engineering data) via software but this trouble not solved. We suspected the Interface & Power Board (pn A1-106-100-804 or A1-106-100-504).ANy body can help us (give info the availability of this part, propose service or any info please).

Our location is near Soekarno Hatta Airport, Jakarta Indonesia. Contact me, by fax. 6221-5501283 or e-mail:[email protected]

Electro Mechanical Systems

What are the PID values for the current and speed loops? I have found that sometimes the Simoreg autotune feature tunes up way too hot. I always make a point of checking the basic application data first (supply voltage, armature/field voltage and current, etc) and then the PID values for the speed and current loop.

untung setiono

I have SIMOREG DRIVE Type D485/09 GrE6S22-4A, The problem is [ F048 ] after starting; whould you send me some fault indication of this drive, I lost my manual book, thankyou.

> Prakash ([email protected])
I can help you.
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