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Any related (supporting) materials or notes (or research articles) regarding "Design of Optimal Drum Level Controler for a 210 MW -- Thermal Power plant boiler (integrated model)"

Here the controller is neural network and Fuzzy logic along with conventional PID. Related information needed regarding "optimal tuning of above said controllers"

Mostly materials r needed.

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Steve Monnet

Hi list,

By the fact that this kind of mixed advance control is always specific to the application to control, I don't think you will find an article
dedicated to your problem. But (always a but !) I give you the reference of an article presented during a seminar dedicated to the fuzzy logic : "Fuzzy supervision for temperature control in a thermal power station". This
article was initially published in french but you should contact Dumitru Popescu (co-author) : [email protected] and ask him is he has a english version.

I hope this could help and in any case feel free to contact me.

Steve Monnet
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K Karthikeyan

See ISA Book 'Control of Boilers' by Sam Dukelow. Good treatment on all the boiler modulating controls by this former Bailey C&I engr.