drum loadable for Modicon 984-685E


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I'm trying to find a bit of software written to allow a DRUM (sequencer) to be installed in a Modicon PLC (984-685E).

I believe this software had a part number SW-AP98SDA and the bit I need from a user loadable library is called DRUM.USL

Anyone have it?

Bob Peterson

I beleive this is licensed software that you have to purchase to legally use.

You wouldn't be trying to use this list to steal software - would you?

Call your local Modicon dealer and he can get you a price for it.
Have the moderator email me your information and I will send it to you.

Brian Cervi
Schneider Electric
I too need help programming a DRUM function in Modicons-Unity Pro platform. While the manual does give a brief overview of how to set it up, there are no examples given. Can anyone show how the I/O of the DRUM & ICMP bit logic is assigned to the 4X registers? Are the 4X registers a SUB or COMP function?

I'd say Modicon/Schnieder's only weakness is the vagueness of their manuals. Give examples of rung logic situations for crying out loud!

Please email [email protected] if you can provide info on this matter. Thanks.
Don't count on Unity Help files to document an obsolete and ancient function from Modsoft. Look to the original software.

Take a look at doing this functionality with Structured Text. After all, you are just looking to do "things" based upon a step value. Can you use IF statements or CASE statements.

I will try to find some documentation on the Modsoft DRUM and email them to you. I have several old dusty collections of useless bits and bytes.