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Does anyone know how to determine the moisture content of the air exhausting from a gas drying oven by comparing the dryer air temperature with the exhaust air temperature?
Isn't this normally done with a "wet bulb"
temperature measurement? In otherwords,
you have two temperatures sensors in the
exit stream air. One is surrounded by a
wet cloth. The wet bulb will show a lower
temperature. % humidity can be calculated
from the temperature difference.


Piotr Kowalski

There is no way to determine air humidity by simple temperature measurement, I'm afraid. There is a method based on taking readings from dry and wet thermometer - then you can estimate humidity from Mollier's chart, but this is difficult to implement in industry. Maybe you could consider implementation of air humidity sensors instead?
Piotr Kowalski
I have two web sites providing on line calculations. The formula is not simple. it involves a piece of equation giving the saturation....and a root solving method. Graphs have been designed for the % H. May be visit Foxboro.


Jeff Bossong

The web site below has information on an absolute humidity sensor (g/m3) whch is specifically designed for industrial process measurement and control. Very accurate and very reliable.