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Ben Hutchinson

Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to run dual monitors and/or keyboards on an HMI application running NT? Anything to avoid?
Ben Hutchinson
Johnson & Johnson

John O’Beck

Dual monitors AND dual keyboards = 2 machines.
Matrox makes a video card that supports 2 or even 4 monitors under NT. The desktop is then sized to span the multiple monitors in a virtual desktop. So long as the HMI software is smart enough to remember where (and how large) a window was last used and pop it up in the same place the next time, the operation is relatively transparent. Also, an option exists to pop up all windows on monitor 1, let the operator resize it and then drag the window over to the desired CRT. Not as nice, but it works.
If you have multiple cpu's and need to use a single monitor/keyboard/mouse to interface then checkout the Belkin OmniCube multiport device. You can switch between cpu's with either switch on box or hotkeys. I use this setup to run several cpu's running different operating systems and applications (QNX/Windows NT). It is very fast and has been reliable.

> Does anyone have a recommendation on the best way to run dual monitors and/or keyboards on an HMI application running NT? Anything to avoid?
> Ben Hutchinson
> Johnson & Johnson

Herman Bilalyan, Teknor Apex Co.

We use Evolution 4 Graphics card from Colorgraphics Corp. to display 4
different MMI screens (Intellution) from one PC.
As to Keyboards we use a st'd keyboard (For Engineer) and a Keypad (for
Operator) thru a Vetra Systems Keyboard encoder.

Teknor Apex Co.
I am using in my DCS system, DAMATIC XDi, produced by Valmet Automation,
one NT-Operating Station which is using two Matrox Millenium G200 video
cards for two monitors. A dedicated software provided by Matrox permit the
management of display modes (monitors let and right or monitors up and
down). I think a new best video cards also Matrox Millenium G400 is more
suitable for this goal because this video card alone can manage two
monitors (is dual head) but I don't tryed.

Best regards,

Pierre Hinse

what is your HMI/SCADA software?
I had some difficulties setting up Intouch, but now I have it all under control.

Intouch wonderware 7, NT4 SP4, Compaq SP700, Matrox G100 video
with two 21 inch monitors.

If you have questions call me.

I used Matrox G400 dual monitor cards on NT and RSview without any problems.

I do the development on a normal system and only the runtime has the Matrox

Bradley Timm
Cape Town

Chip McDaniel

Black Box makes a "2 channel VGA booster ~$550 AC074A-R2. The resolution and the length of the cables will be important (don't skimp on VGA cable, esp. if they're long). Ask them about the keyboards, maybe you can "y" them together.

They also make a "keyboard/video monitor/mouse extender/sharer (for VGA)" which consists of a host module, a local module and a remote module that allows a second set-up of monitor/keyboard (and mouse) to be located 150 ft from the "local" set-up (at the CPU).

They have excellent tech support to help you determine which one would be best for you (724-746-5500 then press 1,2,3 for this type of product).

Chip McDaniel
Hi Ben,
Though I've had no personal experience with running dual
monitors/keyboards, you might want to check out the stuff at

They sell all kinds of "multiple" CPU, Keyboard, Monitor, Mouse, etc.
hardware. Note: I have no affiliation with this company nor have I purchased
anything from them, so I can't say how reputable they are ;o)

Their CS201 sounds like what you're looking for. Just "search" for that
P/N, or look in their "Switchboxes/K-V-M" listing for similar stuff.

Hope this helps,

- Eric Nelson
[email protected]
Packaging Associates Automation Inc. [email protected]
Rockaway, NJ, USA

Richard Sanders

Hello...I read of your success with the Matrox video card for dul monitors. I just read some great reviews for the G550 dual monitor card for $100 and they rate it highly.

My question is will it work good for normal work on graphs and photo images? And how would I hook up another keyboard?

I plan to use Win 98 or 2000 next.

Any reply is appreciated, Dick Sanders