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shailesh patel

what is dual pid or fuzzy pid? there so many controllers that use dual pid and fuzzy pid.
what is basic idea behind it?
thank you.
a dual pid controller is the device which can act on both polarities means if u change the polarity of the in-put than also it work perfectly.

Daniel Chartier


I do not recognize the term "Dual PID". Maybe you mean "cascade" control, where the output of one PID loop are fed in the inputs of another?

For basic information on fuzzy controllers, look at

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Daniel Chartier
Dual PID is also known as 2 degree of freedom PID. Fuzzy is a set of rules.
Try here for fuzzy information: http://www.fuzzytech.com/

Here for a fuzzy temperature controller manual: http://oeiwcsnts1.omron.com/pdfcatal.nsf/PDFLookupByUniqueID/2364961E77FB7F318525683F00668EC4/$File/M14Z77E11299.pdf?OpenElement

Here for a multi purpose process controller - heat/cool, cascade etc.: http://oeiwcsnts1.omron.com/pdfcatal.nsf/PDFLookupByUniqueID/25045C4BEF98F2788525683F00648AEA/$File/M14H03OAA1299.pdf?OpenElement

here for a PLC fuzzy card: http://oeiwcsnts1.omron.com/pdfcatal.nsf/PDFLookupByUniqueID/6114BAD7503BC9BD8525683F0055FBA4/$File/M11W208E31A299.pdf?OpenElement

Beware, the manuals are not small.
It would be best if you provided more information on this. For example, what type of plant or equipment are these installed in? What functions do they currently perform? What brand and model? What industry are these in? Etc.

You cannot expect a good technical answer if you don't provide sufficient information. This is a common fault of posters to provide minimal information and expect the people on the mail list to some how provide a good technical answer. In this case, several poster have tried to provide an answer but the response has been little or no additional information(more like a riddle than a question). People on this mail list cannot read your mind.

If you want a good technical answer to your question, provide adequate information in your question.

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