Dual redundant Modbus TCP slave (4 IP addresse) with redudant master (dual IP config)


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Syed Hussain

I am trying to connect redundant FMC Master Control Station with the Honeywell Experion R400 system using modbus TCP/IP.

The system architecture is Redundant MCS servers with dual NIC's connection to a layer 3 switch, which is connected to a Cisco fire wall, which is connected to a switch and to the redundant Honeywell Experion servers.

The MCS servers have dual redundant communication 2 x NICs for the primary server and 2 x NICs for the secondary server. Each server is connected to redundant switches. The modbus scada channel configuration at the Honeywell server only allow configuration of a redundant modbus TCP slave i.e. two IP addresses. If we configure the two IP addresses one of server A and one from Server B, to configure the scada link we can have a undetectable failure in case the switch fails.

Is there any method to converge two IP addresses to single IP address. Network teaming is being investigated however any other solution to the problem will be highly appreciated.