dummy keyboard emulator


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nigel Hierons

Does anyone know how to make (or where to buy) a dummy keyboard emulator plug.

This to spoof the existance of a keyboard to a PC and make it believe the keyboard exists when in reality it doesn't.
I had just aboout the same problem as you had. I needed a plug so that my puter would believe that a keyboard was attached when i booted it. Many friends of me told me if i could'nt change any settings in the BIOS-setup but i could'nt find anything at the places that i though was obvious to hold such information.

Finally i got a hint from a friend how told me to go through every error handling function in the bios and voila, i found a setting that makes the computer ignore the fact that the keyboard is not connected anymore.

So now my little DOS-router can do it's work without having be disturbed by other pheripherals. So it's just perfect here now and whenever i encounter a problem with my router-pc i just press Reset and in 15 secs it's upp and running again from a clean boot.

I hope you will find a solution to your problem, but look through just about every setting you can in your setup and you will hopefully find a setting that will make your day smiling at you. Good Luck! /Peter