Duplicating PCS7 Projects smart tools


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Hi control nerds,
I am using PCS7 V5.2 and have the following problem.
I have implemented one PCS7 application for a chemical plant, including SFC's, CFCs and WinCC
I would like to duplicate this application, because there is a second plant which is very similar and has to be controlled from the same HMI operator station. When I just copy the SFC's, CFC's etc. I have still to correct a lot of Tags which is very strenuous for a lazy guy like me. For instance you have duplicated a SFC. After copying it I have to rename all the transitions
(Valve1-> Valve2). Unfortunately there is no 'Replace' in the SFC-editor. Do you know any tools / have any idea how I can speed up the duplication process? I would appreciate any comments.
Working with Systems Management & Services in South Africa, we have seen them using many time saving engineering tools, some of which were used in the CFC and SFC editors of PCS7.

You may want to contact them. I have no telephone numbers, but their e-mail is [email protected].