Duty/Standby Configuration for MODBUS TCP/IP


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i need help please with my network block diagram. i generate one and i want to discuss the BMS controllers connection to Yokogawa ICSS (Integrated Control and Safety System.)

we have Trend controllers in 11 sites for BMS system. I have been asked to build a redundant fiber network so all these controller will communicate over MODBUS TCP/IP back to the ICSS. ICSS has two communication port, taking Modbus TCP/IP, one is duty and other one is standby.

The redundant network will be fiber, with FOBOT at each site, and switches with SFP modules, where the switches will be configured as duty/standby provided two paths for communication (Self healing fiber network). at the central room where the ICSS located, i got two controllers (duty/standby). for redundancy purpose, i connect each controller to different switch with SFP module that is connected to the fiber network.

now the question, is it possible to configure these two switches at the central building as a duty/standby? these two switches will have a duty/standby link back to the ICSS for communicating with the whole system.

i'm happy to send the block diagram i created for anyone interested to have a look.

Many thanks in advance.