DW signal is negative sign on MKV unit


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mohamed kinawy

I have MKV at a power generation. After an outage of the unit, I have a problem with DW signal. it is negative value now. I was working on generator current signal during the outage and I replaced ribbon cable (JV) and PTBA card.

DW signal is for gen. MW, and all other signals are positive for MVAR, PF, PLU and display. This signal is calculated at TCPA card which I did not work on it during the outage. I replaced ribbon cable (JV) and termination card PTBA. also I changed TCEB card and TCCB, but I put the original cards again for TCCB and TCEB and still have the new (JV) and PTBA m, after synch. we have no problem with generator current signals but we have a new problem with DW signal.

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Thanks alot.
Dear M9_COMP,
Remember if it's not broken don fix it!
Good to know that there is a backup control in the MK5 for DWATT.

Check all the jumper settings on your new replaced card(s). DWATT transmitter is usually two wire connected.
Ensure that the substituted cables are properly inserted.
Last but not least, check the alarm display and tell us what is announced.

Good Luck...
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