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* * * E-BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER 2000 * * * ---------------------------- E-Commerce in Manufacturing: Where do you stand? ---------------------------- Earlier this year, the National Association of Manufacturers (www.nam.org) began a series of surveys about the use of e-commerce in the manufacturing industries. According to NAM, the survey shows a wide disparity between the recognition by businesses that the Internet is a vital new form of commerce and the actual application of that knowledge by American industry. According to the survey, 32% of manufacturers are using the web for B2B e-commerce. 43% of the respondents said they have an online product catalog that is used for customer service, and more than half (52%) said they are using the web to create new sales channels. Overall, though, only 1% of manufacturers are considered to have world-class sites. Find out more about the use of e-commerce in the manufacturing industries and your firm stacks up at http://www.telesian.com/News_Notes.html#ecommfg --------------------------- Creating a World Class Site --------------------------- So what does it take to develop a world-class e-business site? In September 2000, B2B Magazine ranked the top 200 B2B web sites. They analyzed over 700 sites, rating them on the following characteristics: - Ease of navigation - Presentation of information - Quality of information - Interactive resources - E-commerce capabilities According to their survey, the top 10 manufacturing sites included: - General Electric (http://www.ge.com) - Boeing Co. (http://www.boeing.com) - Interconnect Devices (http://www.idinet.com) - Eastman Chemical (http://www.eastman.com) One of our favorites in the top 10 list is Pall Corp. (http://www.pall.com), a billion dollar manufacturer of filtration devices. Notice how they put industry segmentation, detailed product information, and easy navigation to work for them. E-business is serious business. Where do you want your corporate site to be by the end of 2001? Start planning now. Compare your site to the rest of the top 10 sites at http://www.telesian.com/News_Notes.html#top10 ------------- Did You Know? ------------- According to InformationWeek, - 19% of all manufacturing firms handle customer service inquiries electronically, without intervention - 29% of all manufacturing firms are showing profits from their e-business operations ...and the numbers are rising rapidly! This report is brought to you by Telesian:E-Business, developer of Web and e-business solutions for the technical markets: - Electronic product catalogs - E-magalogs - Product configurators - E-commerce systems - Virtual communities - E-marketing programs. For more information, visit http://www.telesian.com. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (c) 2000, Telesian Technology, Inc.