E-stops in shopfloor rooms


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Mark Vyshkin

I'm looking for rules, how Emergency Stop buttons should be placed in a shopfloor room - not specific mashine E-stop, but general room E-stop buttons at the doors etc.
How the buttons shold be connected - how many in series, through what kind of safety relays.
Thanks in advance for any help.

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Nilesh Pradhan

I don't know if I have understood the question properly, but you may want to use all your doors ( or guards ) in series. You may want to use two relays and check for both the NO and NC connection.
It's all dependent on the risk assessment level for your particular shopfloor.
Generally (in conveyor systems for example) an operator should never be more than 4.5 metres away from an emergency stop device. This means
that emergency stops should never be more than 9 metres (accessibly) apart.