easy and low-cost plc logging


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Starting from PLC from Allen Bradley. What is the most easy and low-cost way to download information
for instance to a pocket pc, a laptop or a network?

Jason Valenzuela

I've done some proof of concept logging PLC data into a database using Open Source software. With MySQL database and a DF1 communication library I wrote it worked great. Once in the database, accessing and processing the data is very easy.

Jason Valenzuela
As already noted, for the OPC server you can use either RSLinx Single Node (with DDE and/or OPC), or Kepware, plus there are others too.

You then need an OPC client to log the data. If you want to log the data to a standard database such as MS Access, MS SQL Server or Oracle use OPCWare (http://www.opcware.com). You could also set this software up to log to Excel or a raw ASCII text file, portable to other platforms. As well as being the most open, this is also your lowest cost option.