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Bob Peterson

The company I work for has a bunch of surplus electrical and control parts they'd like to get rid of. One of the options being considered is to sell them on eBay. I see some of this stuff there from time to time, but never looked at it real close. Does anyone have any experience either buying or selling surplus control parts this way? Or is there a better way to get rid of them?

Bob Peterson
Ebay is good for everybody. I made my first purchase about 8 months ago. I was interested in using Visual Basic to communicate with a PLC, and need a unit to test with. I found an inexpensive GE unit on Ebay. Since then I have purchased about forty other items, everything from terminal blocks to prox switches. I was very wary at first, but I find 99% of the people to be very honest. For someone like me who is trying to learn different areas of control, ebay is a great resource. I can buy used components at a fraction of the price, and if I destroy them, it's no big deal.
The only other suggestion I have, would be to look for a local college, that has a contols course of some type. Maybe you could donate some items, and get a tax write off.

James Fountas

Hi Bob,

I have bought and sold on eBay. Some items you get a good price for. Other items you get a small fraction of the list price.

I have often had more luck donating to a friend of mine at a local University. He teaches hands on controls. The tax reduction is often more then I could have gotten on eBay. The other benifit is that some students get a better education because they have some extra equipment they use, instead of discuss theory.

Donate to the local Vocational-Technical school. They should provide the tax valuation paperwork for you. Then you won't need to worry about someone not paying, or trying to find shipping, or all the other eBay problems.


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Bob, so what have you found out about the selling and buying of surplus parts on ebay. Thanks for you comments.

Don Martens

Brian Beiner

It looks like I am a year late in seeing this question and discussion but just ran upon it. We are a buyer of surplus industrial controls and equipment. We buy off Ebay all the time becuase the majority of the items go for a fraction of what we would really be willing to pay. The only reason we dont buy more on there is becuase it is a pain to win and pay for and keep contact with 100 people with one item each. We would rather just pay a fair price for a pallet to a trailer full then onsie twosie stuff. Check out our website at www.beinersales.com to get an idea of what we are constantly buying and get in touch with us if you have anything you want to sell.