Editor for Setex PLCs?


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I am actually working with Setex PLCs. I have an editor in dos mode, PLC-LAB. I was wondering if there exist a different type of editor
for win 9x. If anyonee got some documentation for such PLCs please let me know.
I was also wondering how it was possible to create function blocks. I would like to have some new function block which would help me in my
I am working setex plc's too. But i haven't any editor even in dos mode. Please tell me how can i find this dos mode editor?
Which function blocks do you need ? I'm sure that no Win9x PLC tool available at the moment, but you have connect a Controller for visualizing Programm Steps you can configuration the controller with a config tool(win9x). In which application you are using the SETEX PLC
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I have some suggestions to provide someone. In which application you will use the PLC ? Which PLC (Type) have you in use. If you have an Controller too, you need the "config-tool" to programming the visual Options? I try to help you
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