Eexd or Eexe juction box


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In case of using non I.S. digtal signals in the field including LSW, Limit Switches,... which are powered by 24 vdc, is it possible to use Eexe junction boxes instead of Eexd JB's?

also most of these devices located in zone 2

Sairul Azali

I just want to check with you whether inside the junction box only consists of terminal block connection and no external power supply unit inside it, and I assume the 24VDC is from external source and loop into the connections inside the junction box. If this is the condition, than you can use EExe junction box.

Ranjan Acharya

From what I've seen over the years with hazardous environments, until you've seen a good classification survey then you can't really guess.


Exd (flameproof) and Exe (increased safety) are both Zone 1 methods of protection and exceed requirements for Zone 2.

Exe has the advantage of being cheaper than Exd but it really depends on the stuff you have that is not in Zone 2 - is it in Zone 1? As your question is a bit vague.

Also, what is your hazard? Is it a typical explosive gas atmosphere? What gas group? Is there also a temperature issue? Any dust?

Amperes, watts, ex-rated, barriers, relocation to safe areas - it all needs to be added up before you make your decision.