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Could someone help me to find details on explosion proof protection with increased safety (EExe) standards?

A particular application requires to have a few equipments only certified for use in class 1 Div 2, A,B,C,D in an EEXe enclosure along with EExde
equipments(pushbuttons, lamps etc). Is this possible without affecting the EExe certification of the enclosure?


Punnoose Jacob
Hi The certification documents for the EExe enclosure should detail the limits of what you can install inside it. The certification should have a gas group and a temperature rating stated. If the EExe enclosure was supplied with the EExde switches and lights, then the current and temperature rating of these components would have been taken into consideration. In addition, the enclosed components would have their own "component" certification. Depending on your Div2 equipment, it may be too complicated to calculate temperature rise etc to prove compliance with the EExe certification. This won't be much help but it is not generally a good idea to mix different hazardous area equipment standards. Best solution would be to mount your Div 2 equipment into a US standard enclosure for Div2 separate from the EExe enclosure. Cheers and good luck


Greetings. As an Electronics controls engineer for an OEM involved in the importation of European electrical equipment for utilzation in Class 1, div. 1 groups C & D, div. 2 groups C&D. I will tell you that this is a challange. I turned mostly to Factory Mutual (FM) as we were required by some of our customers to provide U.L. or FM approval for the equipment in order to meet the requirements of thier underwriters. From my own experience I can tell you that FM was much more helpfull than U.L. The NEC article 503 is some help, however, the documentation you should get is from FM. I you would like I could send you a zip file of a power point presentation that I worked on outlining some of these standards, with a comparative guidline for implementing proper purge and pressurization techniques that may be of assistance to you. Looking forward to hearing how you make out. Keep us posted Sincerely,
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I happened to read your commments on the hazardous area classification. I am looking for a comparative table of different standards on hazardous area classification. Could you please help me.

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There is a lot of information available in the net. Search the net with hazardous area classification.