effect of temperature on conductivity


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madan mohan

pl give me the effect of temperature on conductivity with some writeup...
thanks madan mohan

Thomas Hergenhahn

With most metals conductivity decreases with temperature. I have no figures at hand. You will find them in engineering or physics tables.
With semiconductors. conductivity increases because more electrons are raised to the conductive energy band. The effect is some orders of magnitude stronger the decrease in metals.
I used to be involved with engineering and product management for conductivity products for a major analytical supplier. I put together a number of the curves for various metals / salts / acids / bases at various temperatures. Let me know exactly what the application is and what you are trying to do, and I may be able to help you out.

Shane Filer
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If you are asking about process fluid conductivity then you will probably have to find a good text on physical chemistry for a write up. In short, the conductivity of electrolytes inrease with temperature. Temperature increases ionic mobility.

From memory I think it also increases dissociation. The temperature coefficient is
not a constant. It varies with electrolyte and concentration according to an Arrhenius relationship. (You might find references looking for Arrhenious but the man's name was spelt Arrhenius)