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We installed about a year ago a Eimco Shriver Fliter Press that was in another unit (installed 1993) and never used. We have used it about 6 times. After the third time we noticed that some plates were broken. After three more uses more plates were broken. We try to feed about 200gpm.
One time we feed it we overloaded it and the pressure went high (100psi). The other times, the pressure was ok (10psi). Does anyone know what we are doing wrong? Is it feed rate? Product left on cloths (we have to scrape the plates)?
I would appreciate any help.

Johan Vereecken

It's my impression that the feed rate is too high, which causes the plates to break and maybe the need to scrape the plates (this can depend on other factors like the type of sludge, the duration of pressing,...). You don't talk about the chamber volume (ie the volume between 2 plates) and the total volume.

We usually use (depending on the wastewater) about 10 plates with 5 L chambervolume up to 40 plates and build up a pressure from 8 bar till about 15 bar. The flow rate is maximum 1000 L/h. The big disadvantage of applying a higher flow rate is a bad formation of the filter cake. We close our filterpress at a pressure of 400 bar.

In our pilot filter press, we apply 2 or 3 plates with a chamber volume of 0,8 L at a flow rate of 50 L/h till a pressure of about 12 bar.

When the desired pressure (to be tested) is reached, we press for about 1/2 till one hour.

To test the dewaterability of the sludge, you have to perform a CST-test, which mostly gives a good indication.

I hope this info could be useful


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It could be several things. Most likely it is feed rate control and overpressure. I suggest strongly that you contact Eimco at
http://www.eimcoprocess.com/Aftermarket/index.htm for technical support.

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