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Sharif van Dommelen

Hi, I am a student in Electrical Engineering and for an assignment, an old PLC and an old frequency converter have been given to me. But I don't know how they work and can't find it on the Net. The PLC is a Sprecher + Schuh, type Sestep 340. The frequency converter is an Eldutronik P10-1,5/400. Can somebody help me find manuals and other documentation? It would be very helpful.
It is my understanding that the S&S PLCs have been totally discontinued since their purchase by AB. Log on to the S&S website and search there or leave a message.

Dave Langford

G'day mate,
I have the software for a sestep 390, which might work. If you want it, I can e-mail it to you. I have an old sestep 290 which I'm trying to get to work. Don't know if the software I have works with the 290 yet.
Hi Fluke0_2,

Sprecher+Schuh SESTEP 390 PLC was one of Rockwell Automation's acquisition and actually they were Hitachi H Series PLC, from below link you can find the conversion table from Sprecher+schuh to Hitachi:


If you have difficulties to find Sprecher+Schuh, maybe you can try to find the Hitachi version user manual.

Hope this helps