electric Fuel pump drawing more current and not running at all


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Vishwesh Saraf

I am having electric fuel pump which is of rating 12 V, 8 Amps. This pump is used to carry fuel from tank to the engine (i.e. High pressure pump). Whenever I tried to start it with direct supply it gets stalls that means, it just draws 8 amps, voltage drops to 4 voltage from 12 V. And my voltage source goes into CC mode (constant current) and even after this fuel pump motor is not working at all.

in short before pump connection voltage supply condition: 12 V, 0 Amps
after pump connection voltage supply condition:
4 V, 8 Amps

Motor winding resistance is 0.5 ohms.

Thanks a lot in advance.

bob peterson

Is it possible your DC power supply is undersized?

It is possible that the motor is trying to draw more than 8A because the pump need more torque than 8 amps will give it. Many DC motors can pull a lot more current than it is rated at for short periods of time. sometimes as much as 150%.