Electrical Conductivity of Spider Web.


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Prashant Wakhale

Is it possible to create a flashover beween two high voltage AC (11000 Volts) point separated 200 mm apart by spider web? By any means, is the spider web has any conductivity while it is being laid by a spider?

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Gerald Beaudoin

If the web was conductive to begin with, it would certainly be vaporized as soon as the bridge was established. But the spider web could be a good surface for the accretion of moisture. The moisture in itself could contain traces of material with conductive properties, or could enhance the deposit of conductive dust etc. It's always a surprise where some of the "threads" on this list will take you !

Needless to say if the spider web was conductive it would receive such a shock it would never try that again.

Sorry, I couldn't resist