Electrical Hoist automation?

I have a 750w electrical hoist from Ribimex (The one in their website is the 1020w version) that I'd like to automate without using the rocker switch. The switch contains a CBB60 dual-capacitor required to start/run the motor. The hoist is required for another function (to open a roof horizontally) and I installed two limit switches to the stop the motor once the limit is reached.

What would be the best way to automate such setup? I actually already did that about 7 years ago and it was working well for the most part but it was too complicated with modifications to the rocker switch along with utilizing external relays and sensors. Can a VFD be used to run this directly without the capacitor? what's the simplest way to automate this setup? I don't need speed control, just open/close until the roof hits the limit switch.
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I'm presuming you have a single-phase motor, to perform a Left-Right or Open-Close function!
Start-Run capacitors, Open-Close Pushbuttons, End-of Travel Limit-Switches, are also included.
But, you don't need Stopping-Speed Control,
I need:
1) The original configuration wiring diagram!
2) Your modification using limit switches!
Regards, Phil Corso
Ps: are you located near La Spezia?
Never mind, I figured out it's not possible and a simplified setup would require a different 1/3 phase motor without the start capacitor + VFD. The current setup should remain as is.