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J-F Portala

Dear listers,
I am looking for a software which will help me to design small electrical applications, including one or two PLCs, a PC and few electrical devices
(lighting-laser -cameras). This software must have symbols (French or European) and must be capable to numerotate automatically the cables.

I have around 8 applications per year and I hesitate to invest in a big software like Autocad or WinElec.

Do you know any product corresponding to the above description ?
thank you.
J-F Portala
Sounds like Visio might be a good fit. I'm not sure of the price, but Visio is relatively simple to use. I'm not sure if I understand your term
'numerotate ', but you can number your cables. I'm sure the cost of Visio is substantially lower than AutoCAD or anything similar to...


Schaminee, Bart (IndSys, GEFanuc, Nether

I agree!

Visio 2000 is a great tool for visualizing applications. A Chinese expression says: "A drawing will tell a thousand words". Visio is a tool to make it happen. If your contact has no Visio, just import it in a Powerpoint and send that to him.

In short: easy to use and a great idea-expressor.


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> Try Visio Technical 2000
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Mike Boudreaux

That sounds misleading to me. I've inserted drawings from other programs into Word or PowerPoint documents and they inserted as OLE objects. This works fine when I'm running it on my computer, but if someone else doesn't have the OLE engine for that object type installed on their computer, they can't see the drawing. Are you sure that you can import Visio drawings
(without a file conversion) into MS Office documents and they will be accessible to people without Visio installed on their computers? If it
imports as a Visio drawing object, I don't believe this is the case.

I'm sure that you can save a Visio drawing as a *.wmf or a *.dxf file and it will import into Office documents just fine, but this is not a feature that is special to Visio - most drawing packages have this feature.


Mike Boudreaux

Gregory S. White

You can insert Visio drawings into word and have them viewable on systems without Visio installed. However these inserted drawing cannot be edited unless Visio is installed.

Greg White
Computerized Processes Unlimited, Inc.
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Hevelton Araujo

Taking a ride on this subject, can anyone share their views/comments on AUCOPLAN and ELCAD. A customer asked us to use those software, but we have no knowledge of it.

Hevelton Araujo
[email protected]

Ann Boudenne

You should check for a software call SEE TECHNICAL. It is a good tool to realize your drawings/schematics for only $99, easy to use. There is an evaluation version to download at www.see-technical.com

Hilário Fochi

Hello J-F Portala

I, by my side, am looking for a very high quality software, but till now, I just could find expensive ones without quality (Eplan costs some $10,000.00 and is a trash. I bought it, and when I think of that, I just can't believe how I could do such an insane act!

If you find or know of a very very good one, please inform me.

Best Regards,

Hilario Fochi
Soliton Controles Industriais
email: [email protected]