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Dear sir,

We are developing a system in which we can control a Circuit-Breaker(make it ON or OFF) through a HMI. in this system user sends a command to a PLC (through a HMI) and PLC sends a signal to the CB and make it ON/OFF. Before we develop this system, operators made ON/OFF by means of a selector switch on a panel. The problem raises when we asked to use both new system (automated control system) and old system (hand-selected switch). We are searching for a switch that when PLC sends a signal to CB, also sends a signal to the selector switch and selector changes its own position without hand.

Is it possible?

Thanks a lot,
There are other undesirable "features" that will result even if you find such switch. The better solution is to make both the manual an PLC based control momentary (possibly add an indicator in the field).