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I am getting into testing and working with servo motors and controllers as well some more advanced electrical circuts then I have been wooking with. Up untill now I have been able to get away with my multi meter but it seems that I need more capacity, precision and flexibility. I am looking for example at a Fluke scopemeter but I don't know what the best way to go is and I want to get it right the first time. Any input from you guys who work with this stuff day in and day would be much appreciated.

Thanks Brad
You have to ask yourself a couple of questions.

1) How much are you willing to spend?
2) How many inputs channels do you need?
3) What Bandwith do you need?
4) What sample rate do you need?
5) Do you need math functions?
6) Do you require sample storage and or logging
7) Do you want a computer interface of some sort?

Note some dual channel scopes split the bandwidth between the channels. So if you want a 1GHz scope
you may want to get a 2GHz scope in order to have the desired 1GHz on each channel.

Basically I think you will be really happy with a 100 series fluke scope meter. But if you take the time to answer the above questions you could probly save some money with some research.