ELOP II MODBUS Communication


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Dear Experts
We have connected Hima Hq51 with yokogawa Centum VP DCS by MODBUS TCP/IP using ALE111 card in Centum VP. Actually we have success to receive Real value in DCS but the bits (BOOL) value not coming.

Please I need help from some body who has an idea regarding my issue.
Presumably you are using a Function code 03, read Holding Register(s), or 04, read Input Register(s) for reading the real (floating point) value.

Which Function Code are you using to read the boolean value supported by the master/client and is that Function Code supported?

What is the result of attempting to read the boolean value?
- An exception/error message? If so, which exception code
- Or a valid reply with data that does not interpretable to your expectations?