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John G. Boland

Hello, THE list,

Well, here's a challenge...

An acquaintance has been asked to network 1024 custom analog data acquisition units (not yet designed) to a dedicated (hot) PC, using gigabit ATM on a single fiber optic cable segment. The PC op system will be the "best fit" of WinNT, Unix (all 23 Baskin Robins flavors) or Linux, so pleeeeez, no system rants.

The anticipated raw data rate (disregarding headers, start/stop, date/time stamps, ...) is 8 to 16 MB per second, in one second bursts every two or three seconds.

My acquaintance will provide software and the PC only. He hopes to find as many, and as high level, ATM support software components (C and C++) as he can to embed in the custom data acquisition units and for the PC. That's silly - of course he will find what he finds, even if that's zero... but you know what I mean ;-)

He will "dialog" with, but not direct, the hardware designers.

FWIW, beyond knowing that ATM is used "on the backside" of network switches, he (and obviously, I) don't know squat about this. This sure ain't TCP/IP, Dorothy... but anything is possible with enough time and money... I have been told.

Know any appropriate websites or component vendors? Have any (printable) suggestions? I told him that *someone* on this list would!

Like I said, a challenge...


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I am not an expert on ATM but I found a couple of things to look at. These may be helpful.

In the latest Linux Journal, a company called Image Stream Internet Solutions is advertising individual interface cards as well as complete routers for ATM (and other protocols). Their web address is www.imagestream-is.com.

I also recommend a trip to Borders or Barnes & Noble and browsing through their network books. I know Borders has books on ATM networking.

There is also the ATM Forum (www.atmforum.org - which doesn't seem up at the moment). It is supposed to be a vendor association to promote ATM and its development. Try "ATM Forum" on a search engine and see what comes up.

I hope this helps.

Tom Bray