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Sanjay Thakur

Ladies/ Gentlemen:
I am a post graduate student working towards his masters degree. My project is on developing a Fuzzy Logic Controller and embedding it into a digital processing chip. The chip available in our institute is TMS320c40 from Texas Instrument.
I have developed a Fuzzy Logic Controller in C programming language and now I have to download the same into the chip. I am STUCK in my work at this stage.
I am not able to initialise the ADC chip on the DSP board, so that I can see the output on an Oscilloscope.
It would be great if someone can help me in
sorting out this problem. One possible solution is to incorporate a patch in GNU's gcc compiler to
enable it to cross compile it to the chip compatible executable. However I have not been successful in this activity also. Solution to this problem is
also welcome.

Thanking you in advance,
hello sir, i have read and somewhat realise your problem i can help u regarding your project only if u provide more information myself sachin chauhan studying te instrumentation so plz contact at [email protected]
Hi Sanjay ,

I am rajiv doing a short course on embedded software applications at PENTASOFT , Bandra. I shall show your query to my faculty and see if he can help.

Bye the way can you give me more information on course offered by IIT on this same subject.



My email : [email protected]