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Curt Wuollet

Hi all. This is important and is for a technical audience. Our coders should probably at least collaborate, otherwise I'll do the best I can. Regards cww Ken Crater wrote: > Hi all, > We've had a request from an editor at Embedded Linux Journal for a technical article describing the Puffin PLC project. To quote from his original request... > > I am looking for editorial material for our next issue which focuses on Industrial Control. An article on PuffinPLC seems like a great fit. > > > > I am looking for something fairly technical that would really tell someone how to do something. We figure 50% of our readers are Linux > > people getting into embedded, 50% embedded people getting into Linux. > > > > Thus, the article could have a paragraph talking about what a PLC is but then go into needed functionality and what PPLC offers. An example would be great as well. Finally, it could talk about the project and "pitch" how to get involved. > > If anyone is interested in contributing to (or writing :) such an article, please contact Lenore Tracey at Control.com (email [email protected] ). > Given the audience for this publication, it could very well attract more programming talent to the project. > > Best Regards, > Ken Crater, President > Control.com Inc. > [email protected]