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Hi everybody

I have two questions about "embedded operating systems".what are the features of embedded operating systems and what kind of applications need embedded softwares?


James Ingraham

Basically an embedded OS is one that needs very little in the way of resources, typically a few Kbytes of ROM and a few KBytes of RAM. Typically, embedded OSes can boot off of ROM without needing a storage device like a hard drive. As to what they can do, it depends on the application. But most embedded OSes have all the features you would expect of any OS; booting, file system, networking, memory management, graphics, etc. A key feature of an embedded OS is that you chose only the portions you need, so that if your system doesn't have graphics or networking, you don't include that portion of the OS in your product.

Applications are wildly variable. Cell phones, anti-lock brakes, TiVo, and the International Space Station all run on embedded OSes.

-James Ingraham
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