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Pierre Desrochers

I am experimenting with RLC Enterprises Inc's embedded PC to automate some simple tasks. Can someone give me some alternative supplyers? I would like to have a fully assembled unit, not having to purchase seperate hardware and then make them work together.

I will be using there CE-SBC-SC400 unit.

Does anyone have feedback for this type of system?


David McGilvray

Check out www.automationX.com. AutomationX is complete control system (control, visualization, data historian, alarming, simulation, etc.) that
runs on Linux and NT platforms. As well, aX device, fully integrated but functionally separate from automationX, is an embedded control engine that runs on a variety of platforms (Embedded Linux, RT Linux, Windows CE, Embedded Java, etc.) typically converting a field based I/O coupler module into a micro PLC. Although hardware independent (normally considered an
advantage), either or both might be of interest.

David McGilvray

Curt Wuollet

Tri-M and Diamond Systems have boards with very high levels of integration. Analog and digital IO onboard.



Kenneth E. Woodard Jr.

You might try the new Open LogiK controller from APIX, INC. It is available with Soft LogiK or OMNX control software. You can find them at

Ken Woodard