Embedded Serial to Ethernet Converter ?


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Jim Cai

Our application needs to put several RS485 devices into Ethernet. We hope we can have several users talk to those devices via TCP at the same time to take advantage of Ethernet. But it seem like there is no such converter in the market.

We need convert one RS485 to one Ethernet and on the Ethernet side, we need 2 TCP ports and each TCP port can handle 3 connections.

Can someone tell me who may have such converters ?

Thanks in advance.

Curt Wuollet

An old 486 and a 1 floppy router distribution of Linux would be the cheapest and easiest way if your truly want to support seperate ports for each of your users. Most "canned" devices want to talk to "well known ports" for services like telnet, lpr, etc. Some terminal servers might offer this functionality. Having several people
use a 485 port at the same time needs a little more definition as this could result in chaos. It's easily doable with some socket code. Depending on exactly what you need to do, there might be something off the shelf as well. This is not greatly different from what a printserver might do except that's usually mostly one direction and queued.



Lynn August Linse

There are many, many "Ethernet-to-RS-485" devices out these days. I work for Lantronix & we are one of the many suppliers.

However, this depends on what you want:

1) If you want multiple hosts to "contend" and share a single multi-drop - much as a "Print Server' allows multiple users to print and keeps the "transactions" straight, then you can only do if the "Device Server" understands your protocol enough to manage the transactions. For example,
we have version which do this for Modbus and DF1-Full-Duplex. If you use some other protocol, you'll need to get some programming done.

2) If you expect to run multiple conversations concurrently (#1 above runs one-after-the-other serially), then few RS-485 protocols will survive this.

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