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Pierre Desrochers

My memorie has been aging like the rest I tought I had seen such software in the past but fail to find anything on the web...

Does anyone have some link to such thing?

Please post for my info.

I'm looking for some software to use with a SBC (Single Board Computer)

I recall something about embeded-Wonderware. Was I just dreaming? Or was it a e-Linux base e-SCADA?


Hi Pierre,

Well, I suppose that the software takes the space of the required memory. Are you looking for software that requires no disk available to the
computer? I have to confess that while Vsystem does run on Linux, it does assume that the programs can be loaded from the disk and run. So, is diskless a requirement?


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Karlheinz Schwarz

Hi All,

SCADA ? - What kind of services etc. are required? Polling integers, spontanious reports, sequence-of-events, ...?

NettedAutomation has ported a SCDA software based on the coming standard IEC 61850 (UCA tm) to a sub-credit-card size DIMM PC running under


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Elipse Support

Elipse Software offers a HMI/SCADA product called Elipse SCADA. This is a full featured HMI/SCADA package that is designed to run on PC's or
Industrial PC's running a variety of the Microsoft operating systems. Elipse SCADA can be used in embedded applications because of it's small foot print, it only takes about 6MB of drive space.

Microsoft offers 'Embedded' versions of the NT & XP operating systems. These embedded versions allow you to load only the required OS resources
that you need, which allows you to reduce your OS foot print.

Elipse performed a test and verified that Elipse SCADA will run on an Embedded NT load of about 25 MB. Add this to the 6MB footprint of Elipse
SCADA and you're up to about 31MB.

Most commercial SBC's offer Disk-On-Chip support(which acts as a solid state drive, eliminating the need for a regular hard drive). If you used
a 48MB D-O-C, you would have about 17MB left for the actual HMI/SCADA

Some links that might interest you:

- Elipse Software "http://www.elipse-software.com":http://www.elipse-software.com

- Microsofts Embedded OS's "http://www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/default.asp":http://www.microsoft.com/windows/embedded/default.asp

- M-Systems solid state media "http://www.m-sys.com":http://www.m-sys.com

We hope this helped.

Elipse Software Support
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