Emergency Shutdown Occurences in Mini Refinery


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Actually I still working in design stage which discussing client commented P&ID. I want to know the knowledge of how many possible time do we can triggered ESD in the plant.

Our project only include Condensate fractionation plant, and storage tanks.

Our team agreed (to fit in the project cost of course) that this mini refinery of 4000 BOPD capacity is most likely to be low hazard in the process, and minimize ESD occurrences is needed.

question 1:
what will happens if we put a lot of causes to triggered ESD? can it reduce the reliability of the plant overall system? or the most problem is about shutdown the plant will shutdown the money?

question 2:
-We have fractionation column, one LT n LG already provided. LT as input of fail close LV in the outlet. and we have pump also in the outlet that will stop for ESD. Client ask us to consider LSLL for ESD, and consider to add stand by LT if one LT is fail/ broken.

We consider that fail close LV and pump at outlet sufficient for safety reason.

But how should I argue, if client mandatory asked for adding it?