Emerson Ovation Standalone Virtual Host Installation


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I got the software and license to install an Emerson Ovation standalone virtual host for training purpose. But I was told the installation process quite complex. Could somebody tell me how to install and configure an Ovation virtual host please?
Dear Pointgrey,

I hope that someone is able to assist you, but unfortunately I have my doubts that there is anyone out there that has a procedure. I would suggest you try to work with your Emerson contact or Sureservice to install and configure this software. One of my big pet peeves about Ovation is that they claim they are an "Open Control System" and they bash other OEM's. But they will not share certain tools to manipulate their database, and they do not produce a good procedure for loading or reloading their system.

The process for loading the software, creating a virtual host, creating virtual NIC's and adding virtual controllers is convoluted in my opinion and the manuals available online do not adequately document the process. If you truly purchased the software and licensing needed to create a virtual host and add virtual controllers then hopefully you can get Emerson to help you out. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor, and I look forward to any and all information you are able to pass on. Maybe things have changed since my last dealing with Emerson on this topic.

Thanks for your information. We tried several times to install the virtual host based on Ovation manual with no luck. Eventually we were told to mail the whole stuff back to Emerson.