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Kibong Moon

Please give me a hand !!!

I'm having a trouble finding a suitable design for an enclosure box/sunshade
for instrument protection for use in Libya.
(Environmental Condition, Ambient Temperature : -3.8 ~ 54.4 deg. C, Wind Speed : 18 ~ 35 mph (Design 90 mph))

The contract document requires
* Instruments and devices shall be enclosed in cases to protect them from mechanical damage and the environment."

I have had experience using enclosure boxes for steam tracing for low temperature protection (pressure/differential pressure transmitter only), but for this project our client requires an enclosure boxes for all instruments (not only transmitters but also switches, gauges, solenoid valves, e/p positioners, etc.) for protecting against high temperatures and sand storms.

Could any mailing list engineer help me. (I have already inquired information from the make O'BRIEIN, ANDERSON GREENWOOD, PARKER HANNIFIN)

1. Is there anybody having experence used the same box for same reason ?
2. Is there any regulation / code for the enclosure box usage ?
3. I want to know the installation method of the enclosure box. If possible, detail drawing is welcome.

I'd like to receive any information relating to the above issue, because I'm in serious trouble from it.

Thanks in advance.

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